Word of the Year: Mid-Year Update

Hi guys! I’m back today, and have some thoughts to share about my word of the year that I chose in January.

I thought it would be fun to update you guys about how the word I chose has applied to my life/how I have been applying it over the past 6 months. Also, side note, can you believe we are halfway through the year?! Me either!!!

The word I chose was ‘truth.’


I’ll try not to take it personally if you forgot what word I selected. 😉 To read more about why and how I chose my word, feel free to read my original post.

Anyway, spoiler alert: I still am loving this as a focus word! Currently, I’m trying to read and study God’s truth daily. The more truth I bring into my life, the less room there is for distractions and junk. The enemy likes to tell us a lot of lies to get us to forget God’s true promises. Pretty crappy, right?

But reading, remembering, and believing the truth can help combat the lies. Truth is cool and comforting and reassuring and a lot of other great things!!!

While writing this post, I think the next step for me is to and memorize verses. I want to be equipped with truth so I can have some mantras for tough situations.

I’m excited to see how my word of the year continues to evolve through different seasons for the rest of the year. If you didn’t choose a word in January, why not choose one now? It’s not too late! And it’s fun!

I hope you have a great week! Also, I get married in 12 days. EEK! I can’t wait! Bye!

2017 REAL Caitlin


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Life Update


I’m baaaaaaaack. Hi guys.

I thought I should update you about what’s been going on I’m my life lately since I’ve been absent on the blog. (Sorry!!!) I mentioned on IG today that Jake and I are getting married in 3 WEEKS. (That reminds me, I need to update the letter board!) I can’t believe the day is finally almost here, and that I actually get to become Jake’s wife so soon. We are both so ready to settle into a new normal routine and for life to slow down a little bit.

I have also been incredibly busy with school. Between clinic responsibilities, graduate assistantship duties, and research, my plate is full. Add a move into the mix and that has made for a really busy July!

I’m trying not to wish away this season, but boy am I looking forward with joy and excitement for the next one!

Side note, is anyone else 29184% ready for fall?? It is SO HOT in Springfield, and you KNOW Hobby Lobby already has fall decor out (shoot, they have Christmas out already). This summer turned out to be way busier than I anticipated, and this fall is my last semester of class and clinic ever so I’m pretty ready to get started.

Anyway, I’m also training for a half-marathon! The race is this November, and a group of our friends are doing it together. It’s been so long (since high school!) that I’ve ran with other people, and I’m looking forward to it!

I have truly missed writing on the blog, and hope I can figure out a new schedule that works for me. My hours are so crazy and varying during the summer, but I’ll have a little break in August to get everything in order. Thank you so much for reading and caring about my little life!!


P.S. I have an update about my word of the year that I chose back in January! Look forward to that post later this week. 🙂

2017 REAL Caitlin

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Friday Favorites #56

2017 Friday Favorites

Happy weekend!!

Jake and I have a wedding to attend, and I’m hoping to hit up the farmer’s market, too! Saturdays are so fun. Then Sunday, I will catch up on school stuff! It just started this week and I already have catching up to do. Isn’t that funny? (It’s really not funny, but I’m trying to be positive. LOL.)

Speaking of school, I saw all of my new speech therapy clients this week! And overall, it went pretty well! I am excited to help them work on their speech and communication skills this summer. My clients are all so different from each other so they will keep me on my toes!

Next week will be crazy, but I can do it! Then I will have a better grip on my new routine and schedule.

Now, let’s talk weekly favorites!

F  R  I  D  A  Y    F  A  V  O  R  I  T  E  S


1 | The Pitch Pizza & Pub

We tried this new restaurant (where we live in Springfield, MO) and it was really good! Service was good, too. If you’re looking for a new local pizza spot, you should definitely try The Pitch. (It was opened by one of the co-founders of Brew Co, just an FYI for my fellow Springfield peeps.)

2 | Trolls

Are you looking for a fun, joy-filled, upbeat movie? If so, you don’t wanna miss Trolls. It’s on Netflix right now, and full of catchy songs, jokes, and cute characters. It’s a must-see in my book! And if you have kids, I’m sure they’ll love it, too!

3 | PB & J Smoothie

Now that temperatures are heating up outside, smoothies for breakfast have been sounding so good to me. This week I’ve been loving “PB & J” smoothies, which I whip up in minutes. Simply add a handful of frozen strawberries, a banana, and a spoonful of peanut butter to your blender, then fill it halfway up with plain almond milk. Blend it up, and enjoy! It’s refreshing and so yummy.

4 | Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Hand Soap

I think I featured Mrs. Meyer’s Lavender Room Spray in a past favorites post (and I still LOVE that), but recently I picked up the matching soap and LOVE having my hands smell so good. It is a unique lavender scent, and you really just have to smell it to see. It has brightened my week, and I had to share.


Have a good weekend!! Relax + have fun.

2017 REAL Caitlin


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My Bridal Shower

Hi friends! Happy Monday!

This Monday hit me pretty hard, and was generally a long day! Much more activity than I’ve been used to, but I will re-adjust and be just fine! Getting back into a routine has always been so tough for me. Can anyone relate?

I am FINALLY here to share about my bridal shower that my FAB sister/MOH/best friend threw for me. She’s the best. So shout out to her.

Also, thanks to my future in-laws for letting us have my shower at their new home! It was the perfect venue!

Just being honest, I really haven’t felt like writing lately. And that doesn’t make for fun posts for anyone to read, so I decided to give myself some time. But I really do want to recap my bridal shower, if only for the documentation of a wonderful memory.

So here I am! And here is my bridal shower recap!

PS, sorry for the less-than-professional photo quality. I was having too much fun to worry about how good the photos turned out. 😉


As you can immediately see, my shower was fiesta-themed! How fun is that? I love that Cassidy chose such a unique theme. My dress is from Francesca’s, and I got it on sale for less than $25!

Naturally, we had a taco bar. AND churro and margarita-flavored cupcakes that were SO GOOD OMG.

cassidy and me

This is me with Cassidy, my sister + MOH. You can see some of the cute fiesta-themed decor behind me! (Also, check out that bow-quet!)


All my bridesmaids are so pretty, right?? Oh and all my best friends. I love that I’ll have friends from all stages of my life standing up there with me on our big day.

mom and me

MY MOM. I love this lady. She’s pretty much the best mom in the world. She helped plan the best shower ever!


This is my future MIL. I’m so thankful she’s always accepted me as an extra family member. Oh, and that she had a certain son named Jake… 😉


Had to include this pic so you could see the flower crown veil! So fun, right?! I’m nacho average bride-to-be… (I HAD TO SLIP ONE IN. SRY.)


Some of my best high school friends! These ladies and I will be friends for life. Oh, and don’t you love the dainty “Future Mrs.” headband?? My future SIL gifted it to me to wear during my shower! I have the sweetest people in my life, I swear.

We played fun games, ate yummy food, and I survived opening gifts in front of 40 people.  It was a success. Thank you so much to everyone who made my shower so special and gifted us beautiful home goods! I am so grateful. And it totally made me 10x more excited to be a Mrs. in just 2 short months.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are officially at the 2-month mark today. Hooray! I can’t wait to be married!!!

I hope you have a wonderful week!

2017 REAL Caitlin


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